It really tied the room together

I’m off to Vegas for a work trip super early on Saturday morning. I’ll be there till Tuesday then I’m off to Colorado for my sister’s bachelorette party so this will probably be my last post for a few weeks because I don’t have a working laptop at the moment. But I wanted to do an update on my Ebay store. Recently I started selling on Ebay and I promised new items would be posted weekly but unfortunately I’ve been in and out of town and will be for the next two weeks so I didn’t want to post new items until I am home to ship them. Don’t worry, I will not continue to do 10 day bids on clothes. I did that for the first round to give more people time to hear about my shop. I have tons and tons of stuff that will start being listed in a few weeks and weekly after that.


In other news I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new rug that’s being delivered today. It’s really going to tie the room together. Alec and I keep saying that to each other and laughing. If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski then you know it’s kind of his motto. The whole series of events happened because some guys ruined his rug and it ‘really tied the room together’. I LOVE that movie. When Alec and I were in Iceland we went to The Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik and the decor was so on point with the movie.


Here are some pics of a shirt that’ll be up in my Ebay store in a few weeks. I tried selling on Poshmark too but I’m just not getting much engagement from it so I’ve decided to stick to Ebay.

(scroll all the way down for links to what I’m wearing.)

I’m wearing-

American Apparel mesh top which will be in my Ebay store in a few weeks.

Faux leather skirt from H&M. It’s a bit damaged and I don’t like putting damaged items up for sale but if anyone is interested in it I’ll sell it to you for very cheap. It just has some scratches on it which you can see in the photos.

Shoes are Dr Martens. They are one size too big for me but I can tie them tight enough so that it doesn’t matter. I got them on sale in New York years ago. They were like 70% off so I couldn’t say no. Find similar ones here.

Thigh highs are American Apparel.


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