Over the weekend Alec and I went to Hermosa beach. We’re always taking trips out of town but we never go to places nearby so we’ve decided to start doing more day trips to places around Hollywood. We’d never been to Hermosa before and I really enjoyed it. We spent the day walking on the beach, talking about life, laughing way too much, and drinking a few too many bloody Marys. It was a really wonderful day. I love that my husband loves to explore new places just as much as me. I can’t imagine a life spent in just one place. There’s a huge world out there waiting to be seen and I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job of seeing it so far.

I tested out my new hair extensions for the first time and I absolutely love them. I’ve never worn extensions before and I was really nervous I wasn’t going to be able to make them look natural but I think I did a surprisingly good job considering how crappy I am at doing hair. I got them from Milk and Blush. I ordered the classic full head hair extensions in paparazzi. I emailed them a couple photos of my hair color and they helped me decide on the color. I got them in the 20-22″ size. If you’ve ever been wanting to try hair extension but are too scared you won’t be able to make them look good- if I can do it ANYONE can. Seriously lol.

How I got the look-

  1. dampen extensions with water and scrunch them to create some waves.
  2. lay flat to dry overnight
  3. in the morning they should have a lovely beach wave in them. Hold the extensions from the top with one hand and shake them out a little to loosen the waves.
  4. Apply extensions according to directions provided by Milk and Blush. Depending on thickness of hair you may want to use more or less of them. I left about three wefts out of my hair.
  5. using a curling iron to section and curl your hair in loose waves. Combine natural hair and extensions in every section to blend them together.

That’s it! I didn’t even use any hair products 🙂

Hope you all have an amazing week.


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