Happy Thanksgiving week. A few days ago was mine and Alec’s four year anniversary and we are heading up to Lake Tahoe in a few days to celebrate. I kind of hate that our anniversary is right before Thanksgiving because it forces us to lob the two events together if we want to take vacation, which we always do. I wish I’d of paid closer attention to our wedding date and realized that every darn year for the rest of our lives we will be toppling our anniversary over Thanksgiving. Oh well though 🙂 We normally go to the Madonna Inn for our anniversary but with all the money we’ve spend on IVF this year and all the testing we still need to do it felt too indulgent to spend a weekend there and then leave for Tahoe the very next weekend. We are trying to find a balance between responsibility and living the life we want. I’ve never been to Tahoe but I’ve been to the Madonna Inn three years in a row so it was an easy choice to make.

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