How’s everyone else’s 2018 going? Mine is off to a really great start and I’m hoping it’s about to get even better. Alec and I finally decided it’s time to move out of our tiny one bedroom in Hollywood. Now that we both work from home we’re realizing just how small our house really is. Yesterday I found the PERFECT house but I found it a day too late and I am heartbroken. It was three bedrooms and the master bedroom had a walk in closet and a fireplace. I know we don’t NEED a fireplace living in LA but it would have been cool to have one in our gigantic bedroom. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. We’re in no rush at all to move so we are going to take our time and wait till we find something equally as good as this one we missed but I’m hoping it’ll be sooner than later because I would really love to have an actual home office instead of working from the couch.

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