I know it’s taken a while but I’ve finally gotten around to organizing my photos from our trip to Banff. Alec and I went over the Fourth of July and had a blast. We canoed on the bluest lake I’ve ever seen, we ate lots of maple flavored food, we took a gondola up a mountain, and I tried poutine for the first time ever! Poutine is pretty good. I don’t know if it’s something that’s been missing from my life but it’s good. I LOVE traveling and I love it even more when I get to go with Alec. He’s the perfect travel companion. If you can spend hours in a car together and days side by side without driving each other crazy  then you know you’re with the right person. And Alec and I have so much fun on our trips.

I want to prepare you in advance that this post is very heavy on the photos but I love having so many pictures to look back on and remember our trips by.


Moraine Lake




This was actually our first stop in Banff and our camera died so unfortunately we didn’t get many photos of it. But Moraine was by far my favorite of the two. This one doesn’t look like it but it was extremely overcrowded.



The best place we ate was a pizza place. They had really unique flavors of pizza and they give you a honey and oil sauce which sounds so gross but it was the most delicious thing! They also give you giant fluffy blankets to keep you warm on the patio. Somehow we forgot the camera though so we didn’t get any photos of it.


Ok so about two days before our trip I sprained my pinky toe really badly. I could hardly walk and I was so scared it was going to ruin our trip but with the right footwear it wasn’t that bad. The one thing I’ll always be sad we missed out on was a two hour hike to a teahouse where they serve over 100 flavors of tea. I am a huge tea fan and I will totally hike two miles to get to a teahouse on a lake on top of a mountain. Alas I couldn’t do it though. But we did manage some very mild hiking.



The rest of these don’t have enough to make their own category so I’m lumping them all together here and ending it on an outfit post. 🙂


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