Guys I’m gonna be completely honest- I do not work out. I used to workout then I injured my neck really badly and had to stop for a while. I started up again an injured my back (non-workout related) so bad I had to stop all exercise for several months and then was only able to do light cardio for about six months and gradually work back up to a regular routine. Soon after that we began the IVF process and I gave up on trying to work out. The meds made me tired and bloated and said screw it. I figured I’d be pregnant soon anyways so why work on my body when a baby was going to stretch it out anyways. Well, two miscarriages later I’m realizing that I have made every single excuse in the world not to stick to a workout routine. Sure my excuses were all legitimate reasons not to workout but I’m sick of being the girl who says ‘tomorrow’. So in that spirit I got myself some fancy new workout clothes and and am not letting excuses get in my way.


If you’re interested these are some of the apps I use when I workout (none of these are sponsored in any way. They are all things that personally help me stay motivated)-

Kayla Itsines– I’m sure by now everyone has heard of her. Her programs are great and you can do them at home. She also has an app but I personally think it’s a waste of money as it’s a monthly subscription that has a lot of the same stuff as the ebook.

Nike run– this is the app I started using when I first began running. It’s great for training for any type of run and you can connect with your friends which gives you more motivation to run.

daily ab– my favorite app. It’s simple and easy to use. The one I linked is the pro version but I just use the free one.

Running for weight loss– this is my new favorite running app. I’m currently doing a training program for beginners (because it’s been about a year since I’ve done any running) and it’s making running so easy for me. It incorporates walking, jogging, and sprinting and is a little bit more challenging than some of the other beginner programs I’ve tried. It also has tons of nutritional advice and tips to stay motivated.



You can get my workout gear here.


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