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For the past week and a half I’ve been on a modified Whole30 diet. I’ve had to make a few changes due to diet restrictions.

What I eat-



-organic chicken

-probiotics (kombucha)

-lots of water

-multi vitamin



What I don’t eat-

-gluten (I’ve always had digestion issues so I’ve decided to cut out gluten to see if it helps)


-red meat




It was really hard at first. I love to eat junk food. A normal meal for me would consist of pizza, fast food, sugary drinks, etc. I’d wake up every morning with a stomach ache and I’d feel lethargic all day long. After a week and a half of clean eating I’m already feeling better. My rule of thumb is no cheat days because they inevitably lead to the downfall of the diet, at least for me. I do however cheat every now and then when I just can’t control myself. On Sunday we had a bbq/Game of Thrones finale party and someone brought over the most wonderfully delicious looking donuts and I couldn’t help myself. But I didn’t beat myself up about eating a sugary snack I just made a promise to myself that the next day I would get right back on track.

My go to drink is Health-Ade. It’s my absolute favorite kombucha and they have so many amazing flavors. It really helps with some of my cravings. One of my favorite sugary drinks used to be boba tea. I’d drink it ALL the time so now any time I get a craving for it I grab a kombucha tea instead.

As I get older I’m realizing more and more how important it is to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Healthy eating leads to healthy living.

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