Ikea hack- mid century modern tv stand

One of my favorite things to do is browse blogs and store websites for home decor inspiration. My two favorite stores are West Elm and CB2 but my budget doesn’t really allow me to do much more than browse. I have been wanting a West Elm tv stand for forever but with all the fertility stuff we’ve had going on I can’t rationalize spending that much money on it. Then I saw this blog post on A Beautiful Mess of the absolutely amazing The Band Wife Blog‘s home. Seriously her home is an absolute dream. She shared a similar Ikea hack and it really inspired me. So, inspired by West Elm, these two lovely blogs, and my financial state, I decided to get creative and make a tv stand that is uniquely my own.

What you’ll need-

-ikea besta tv stand. (The link is for the stand with drawers and legs but if you buy just the stand it’s about $85.)

– two ikea doors. (I can’t seem to find the doors online but they run about $10 each.)

-four door hinges. (These are sold separate from the doors which I didn’t realize until I got home and had to drive all the way back to Ikea. I ended up at Ikea three times that day. Not that I minded. Ikea is another one of my favorite stores. You can buy them at ikea for $20 or any hardware store.)

-four angled top plates. (I purchased mine from Lowe’s for about $2 each.)

-four legs like these ones from Lowe’s.

-white furniture paint

-copper spray paint. (I got mine from Michael’s for about $5 but I actually found it cheaper online.)

-copper door knobs. (I am so in love with the ones I got from CB2. Only about $4 each! Such a steal in my opinion.)

-an electric screw driver

-a drill

-painter’s tape

making the legs

Use painter’s tape and tape up the wood portion of the leg. Then spray paint the bottom copper. Once they’ve dried use a small paint brush and apply the white paint to the wood. That’s it. They are ready to be installed!

making the tv stand


I started by installing the leg plates before assembling the tv stand. To install the plates first measure and mark where you’d like them to go then screw them on with the electric screw driver. There won’t be pre-made holes for them but that’s ok. They’ll screw in easily.

Next you’ll want to assemble your Ikea stand according to the instructions.

Once the unit is assembled it’s time to add the door knobs before attaching the doors. Measure out where you want the knobs to go then use painter’s tape and mark the spot with a sharpie. Next drill a hole in each door and screw in the knobs.

Now attach the doors according to the instructions.

Lastly, turn your stand upside-down and screw the legs into the leg plates.


And that’s it! You’ve turned this plain Ikea stand

Into this fancy mid century modern stand.

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