Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck was probably my favorite town in Austria. It’s so quaint and beautiful. We rode the train all over Austria and it really got my thinking. Why don’t we have more trains in America? Getting around by train is cheap and so convenient. You show up five minutes before departure time and hop on with your luggage. You don’t have to arrive two and a half hours early, wait in lines, go through security, be cramped into a seat with far too little legroom. Flying may be faster but it is miserable! How amazing would it be to hop on a train to some place new every weekend.




While we were in Innsbruck we took a little day trip about an hour out of town to visit an ice cave. I was not entirely prepared for how much hiking would be involved. It was nothing compared to our New Zealand hikes but still this was a very active activity. And then once you get to the cave there are about 1000 stairs to walk up and down. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the cave but we got some of the hike up.

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