Monkey Sanctuary and Kopi luwak coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world) tasting- Bali

I’ve traveled the world quite a bit and Bali is by far my favorite destination! It’s cheap, the people are ¬†friendly, and it’s beautiful. If you’re an animal lover like me the number one spot you have to visit is the monkey sanctuary in Ubud. Even before getting inside the sanctuary there are adorable little monkeys roaming around and once you’re in they are everywhere! Buy some bananas and they’ll climb up onto your shoulders to get them.

Another must do is the Kopi luwak coffee tour and tasting. This coffee is actually sort of made from animal poop. It sounds gross haha. But we got a tour of the actual process and it’s pretty cool and totally sanitary. Unfortunately this was a last second trip and we hardly got any photos of the process because we only had Alec’s phone and surprise surprise it was nearly dead haha. I could explain the process but this website does a much better job than I ever could. It takes a lot of work to get to the final product, which is probably why it’s so expensive. At the end of our tour we were seated in a treehouse and given samples of 12 coffees and teas. We ended up walking out with a bag of lemongrass tea because it was so delicious.


Monkey Sanctuary


Coffee and tea tasting




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