Nursery tour

My nursery tour is long overdue. I planned on sharing it before my twins were born but we ended up having to induce at 36 weeks due to growth restriction (birth story coming soon) so not only was I unable to photograph the nursery I still haven’t fully finished it but its finished enough for the tour.


In planning the nursery I really wanted to keep it pretty neutral. I’m not a fan of loud colors but I am a fan of loud statement walls so I knew I wanted to have one wall fully wallpapered. I found this amazing wallpaper on etsy and it goes perfectly with my autumn/nature/floral theme. We rent our home so I was in search of a peel and stick paper I could do myself and this stuff was incredibly easy to install with the help of my husband.


When it comes to boy/girl twins (or really any newborn) organization is incredibly important. Do whatever you can to keep your nursery clean and organized. It saves so much time in the long run knowing exactly where everything is. I ordered a bunch of organizational bins for the closet and dresser drawers and organized all the clothes by size and it’s been really helpful. I know all my newborn clothes are neatly folded in my top left drawer so I only have to go into one drawer for the next few months and same with my diapers. We were gifted so many diapers and I keep the bigger sizes stored in the closet while the premie and newborns stay in bins under the changing table.


Once you have kids you’ll realize that you’re really not going to use the nursery much at first. My babies sleep in our room and I change them in there as well. For now our nursery is a glorified storage unit but don’t let that stop you from getting your nursery ready before they’re born. Even though we don’t use it yet it feels so good knowing it’s finished (aside from a few things I still need to add in there).


Hope you enjoy the tour!

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