Redecorating the living room

So I should probably title this post ‘decorating’ because there was no decor before. I used to travel a lot and Alec still works a lot so our home was never something we put much love or care into but over the past year or so I’ve been traveling less and less and I’m beginning to realize how important it is to have a house that actually feels like a home. I’m still very much in the process of redecorating but the living room is almost done so here’s a look.


Here’s our living room before. It feels so messy and cluttered. And it’s so closed off. I always felt claustrophobic in here. Not to mention there’s no continuity.

I decided the first thing that needed to go was the couch. My mom gave it to us when we first moved to LA and had no money for furniture. It’s a great couch but it’s not our style and it’s so bulky and heavy. Our place is too small for it.

I got our new couch and loveseat from Ikea. I’m a huge Ikea fan. I love that everything is so cheap. These couches are great because  you can take the covers off to wash them. You can also buy covers in different colors so if I ever get sick of keep the white pristine I don’t have to buy new furniture. I only have to wash the cushions every few weeks. Less if my cat didn’t love jumping all over them. Sometimes I’ll put a few throw blankets down on them when we’re out of the house so Luna can still play on the couches without getting them dirty.


After moving the couches in and opening up the room the rest kind of fell together. We definitely needed a rug and new decor for the wall. I decided to do a photo frame collage on the main wall. I’m constantly reminiscing on Facebook and insta so I picked some of mine and Alec’s favorite photos and made a mural. Now every time I look at the wall it take me back to some of our most memorable moments. These frames are from Ikea. They only have a few sizes online but there were more sizes in the store. They range in price from about $2 to around $7 for the bigger ones.


I still have a wishlist (at bottom of post) of things I want to add to the living room but for now it’s feeling much better. My next goal is to fill in the right hand wall. I’m thinking of adding some honeycomb shelves or some square succulent planters to hang on the wall. (Our stag skull is from White Faux Taxidermy.)



It’s still a work in progress but it’s definitely getting there. Here’s what else I’d love to add to it.

-This amazing chandelier from West Elm in white or black. If I had the money my entire home would be West Elm. They have some amazing stuff.


-some hanging plants like these, these, and these from Urban Outfitters.

-honeycomb shelves in white or light wood.

-a few succulent wall planters like this.


-a mid century modern entertainment center like this.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.25.20 PM


-some rose colored brass lights like these. I found this photo on pinterest and I don’t know where it originated from and I can’t find anywhere to buy them so I don’t have a link for you.



Here’s a side by side comparison.


Happy Tuesday to you all!





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    This looks wonderful!

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