Living room makeover

Recently we got new carpet installed in our house. The old carpet was OLD! It was old even when we moved in and brand new carpet can makes such a difference. Our house feels so much cleaner now. We decided ¬†that it was also time for a new rug. I loved the old shaggy rug but it would shed everywhere and our cat loved to roll around on it and we ended up having fluffy bits of rug all over the house. We got our rug from¬†Revival Rugs and it was tough choosing one because they’re all so pretty. We also got two pillows from there as well. If you recall, our living room used to be very pink and blue. It was fun but it was a little much. I wanted to ton it down a little and these pillows really help with that. Up next new couches! I made the mistake of buying these ikea couches off craigslist. The love seat is actually great but the couch came with the wrong cushions and it’s very uncomfortable. Our next couch will most definitely not be purchased off of craigslist haha.


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