South Park and Harry Potter

Last Saturday Alec and I went to the Paley Center to see the South Park exhibit and finally to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. South Park has been one of my favorite shows for years! My favorite part of the exhibit was the original art from the pilot episode. In the beginning everything was ┬ámade by cutout paper. I’m not sure how much longer the exhibit is going on but you should definitely check it out if your able to. It’s free too which is a huge plus.


After the Paley we went to Universal. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up a while back and we only just finally got the chance to go. I’m glad we waited though. I’m sure in the first few months the park was pretty busy. The longest line we waited in was half an hour. If you can only try one thing there I very very highly recommend the Pumpkin fizz. It’s so delicious and it tastes like Autumn. I want to go back just to get another one.

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